2014-15 Commercial by FlyCamstudio

We place more than 50 full work scenes with aerial filming with our multirotor platforms (multikopter aircrafts) flying with DSLR, HDSLR cameras on gimbals in this video. Six years of successful operation on the marked of drone innovations showed that our practice – aerial photography, video and a photo from air, developing in multirotor aircrafts and gyro-stabilazing systems improbable rates and gains relevance around the world!

Our studio offers rental services of filming from above, also we provide high-quality assembly of multirotors for shooting from the air using the latest technologies in this area. We hope you will make choice our team as the contractor in shooting from air for your project. As for our services, we flexibly approach pricing, always beforehand we settle terms in case of which the customer receives service of the quality required to it.
Regadrs, Flycamstudio Team

Об авторе / flycam

Съемка с воздуха мультикоптером, видео с воздуха, аэрофотосъемка

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